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Friday, January 31, 2020

A Year Without Summer by Shreyan Laha (Review)

Book Name : A Year Without Summer
Author: Shreyan Laha
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: Paperback , Kindle(eBook)
Language : English
Available on : Amazon 
MRP : ₹399
Publication:  Bigfoot Publications Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 265
Suitable for: Above 12

Have you ever think about a year without summer? Isn’t it sounds weird especially in a Asian subcontinent like India?

Concept : 
In this science fiction based book ‘A Year Without Summer’ the author takes us to a journey of future with a different time frame. The plot is imaginary but reasonable. The book is divided into 5 parts - Intertwined Subconscious, The Weak Link, A Battle in Sands Of Time, The Reconstitution, The Last Burst Of Fire. Each part is divided into some sub parts according to their content.

 It starts with two main characters - Niharika and Sharat. The energetic girl Niharika lives in the year 2018 in a modern civilized society with her parents whereas poor boy Sharat, son of a Zamindar lives alone after his parents death in the year 1816. There are something dangerous that awaited for them in future. All on a sudden the story moves into a different direction. Though they are from different time period but they meet in a new Barrenium made planet Nocturne unknowingly. After meeting Cerula and Agnimukh and soon they started realising the scenario New Barren Lands and unfolds their adventurous journey.

Using some Bengali words like ‘Bhoj’, ‘Ghar-Jamai’ , ‘Kaku’ , ‘Jethu’ , ‘Mama’ , ‘Muhuruta’ , ‘Purut’ , ‘Rosogolla’ etc successfully created the identity of this book among thousands of science-fiction based book . Those words give a unique taste to the reader and make the book lively. But the font size of this book is small enough to create some extra pressure on eyes.
Though it’s main character are a man and a woman but it never turns into a love story.

Read it to find the answer of
  1. Why is the title called so?
  2. How Sharat and Niharika meet up?
  3. What target is set by Agnimukha and Cerula for Niharika and Sharat and will they able to accomplish?
  4. What is waiting for them in future and what happened at the end ?What is New Barren Lands in a unknown year?
  5. Why is the title called so?

Recommendation : Those who loved science , this book will surely attract them.

My Ratings:
Overall – 3.9/5
Title - 4/5
Cover - 3/5
Language – 4.6/5
Concept – 3.8/5

Hope you all enjoy this review . Thank you for visiting here . 

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