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Friday, January 31, 2020


A Year Without Summer by Shreyan Laha (Review)

Book Name : A Year Without Summer
Author: Shreyan Laha
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: Paperback , Kindle(eBook)
Language : English
Available on : Amazon 
MRP : ₹399
Publication:  Bigfoot Publications Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 265
Suitable for: Above 12

Have you ever think about a year without summer? Isn’t it sounds weird especially in a Asian subcontinent like India?

Concept : 
In this science fiction based book ‘A Year Without Summer’ the author takes us to a journey of future with a different time frame. The plot is imaginary but reasonable. The book is divided into 5 parts - Intertwined Subconscious, The Weak Link, A Battle in Sands Of Time, The Reconstitution, The Last Burst Of Fire. Each part is divided into some sub parts according to their content.

 It starts with two main characters - Niharika and Sharat. The energetic girl Niharika lives in the year 2018 in a modern civilized society with her parents whereas poor boy Sharat, son of a Zamindar lives alone after his parents death in the year 1816. There are something dangerous that awaited for them in future. All on a sudden the story moves into a different direction. Though they are from different time period but they meet in a new Barrenium made planet Nocturne unknowingly. After meeting Cerula and Agnimukh and soon they started realising the scenario New Barren Lands and unfolds their adventurous journey.

Using some Bengali words like ‘Bhoj’, ‘Ghar-Jamai’ , ‘Kaku’ , ‘Jethu’ , ‘Mama’ , ‘Muhuruta’ , ‘Purut’ , ‘Rosogolla’ etc successfully created the identity of this book among thousands of science-fiction based book . Those words give a unique taste to the reader and make the book lively. But the font size of this book is small enough to create some extra pressure on eyes.
Though it’s main character are a man and a woman but it never turns into a love story.

Read it to find the answer of
  1. Why is the title called so?
  2. How Sharat and Niharika meet up?
  3. What target is set by Agnimukha and Cerula for Niharika and Sharat and will they able to accomplish?
  4. What is waiting for them in future and what happened at the end ?What is New Barren Lands in a unknown year?
  5. Why is the title called so?

Recommendation : Those who loved science , this book will surely attract them.

My Ratings:
Overall – 3.9/5
Title - 4/5
Cover - 3/5
Language – 4.6/5
Concept – 3.8/5

Hope you all enjoy this review . Thank you for visiting here . 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Life Amazing Secrets by Gour Gopal Das (Review)

Book Name : Life's Amazing Secrets - How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life (English)/ Jeevan Ke Adbhut Rahasya(Hindi)
Author: Gour Gopal Das
Genre: Lifestyle , Spiritual
Format: Paperback , Knidle(eBook) and Audible
Language : English & Hindi
Available on : 
MRP : ₹250(English) , ₹199(Hindi)
Publication: Penguin Anand
Pages: 232(English) , ₹208(Hindi)
Suitable for : Above 15

Concept : Who does not know Gaur Gopal Das ?
He spread his knowledge through various YouTube motivational videos and by attending few number of seminars.  This is his first book. In this book the author compares our life with the journey of a car.  It helps reader to learn and correlate about the main four wheels of life i.e. Personal life, Relationship, Work life and last but not least Social Contribution.  He gently touches almost all kinds of topic that one can think to progress in his life. The main topics touches me most are Growing Through Gratitude , Pressing the Pause Button, Spiritual Practice ,  Forgiveness ,  Self-Discovery ,  Selfless Sacrifice and  Service Brings Joy.  The writing style is really appreciable.

In-depth Review:
It has 20 sub-chapter. I have given a summary of all chapter on one line by his language.

  1. Forgetting the Keys : As you become successful do not forget the keys to happiness .
  2. Seeing beyond the Obvious : Behind the smiles everyone is going through personal struggle we know nothing about.
  3. The Journey Begins : We must find positivity in the bleakest situation and leave by the principal of gratitude.
  4. Growing through Gratitude : Stop and reflect on your life regularly.
  5. Press Pause : Pressing the pause button to practice gratitude is the way to make it a constant in your life.
  6. Why Worry : When things are beyond your control and there is nothing you can do why worry ?
  7. Spiritual Practice : Spiritual practice is the foundation of our happiness. It guides us in times of turmoil and ground as in times of joy .
  8. Speaking Sensitively : We should deal with each other sensitively; our attitude towards life affect how we act in our relationships.
  9. A Virtuous Vision : There are many ways to perceive others . we should start choosing the one which magnifies the positive and avoids the negative .
  10. Correcting Cautiously : Corrective feedback can make or break our relationships.
  11. Forgiveness : Forgiveness is a complex concept we must understand it truly to be able to internalize it.
  12. Association Matters : What relationships are stronger when they contain a spiritual component. There are three different ways to become good friends with someone.
  13. Competition Crossroads : At work we tend to compare and compete with others, instead of comparing and competing with ourselves.
  14. Self-Discovery : To find your purpose in life, you must go on a journey of self-discovery.
  15. Decoding Spirituality at Work : This chapter clears the many misconceptions about spirituality : that spiritualist are not ambitious , that spiritualist will get walked over at the workplace because of their values and that we should not aspire for the nicer things in life .
  16. Integrity and Character : Sprituality helps develop good character.  It is character that shines bright when word fail to do so.
  17. Selfless Sacrifice : You can be completely selfish, completely selfless or any of the combination in between l. Life is a journey from being selfish to becoming selfless.
  18. Family First : The first step in selfishness is to practise it with our family .
  19. The Nation Narrative : We can increase our scope of selfishness beyond our family by serving our community City or even nation.
  20. Service Brings Joy : In sanskrit service is called seva .Adding a spiritual element to our seva can make it more fulfilling.

Criticism :
As you all know that Gaur Gopal Das is a genius person and he has a lot of knowledge to spread. I really inspired from his YouTube video but the book does not make such impression like his YouTube videos . We expected something more from his first book.  He should go into the deeper of every topic  instead of just touching them . Hope in future will get more books from this author.
My Ratings:
Overall - 4.5/5
Title - 5/5
Cover - 3/5
Language - 5/5
Concept - 5/5

Hope you all enjoy this review . Thank you for visiting here .

Monday, January 13, 2020


Conundrum - Subhas Bose’s life after death (Review)

Book Name : Conundrum: Subhas Bose’s life after death
Author: Chandrachur Ghose and Anuj Dhar
Genre: History , Research
Format: Paperback
Language : English
Available on : Amazon , Flipkart
MRP : ₹995
Publication:  Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 856

Suitable for : Above 15
Recomendation : Want a conclusion on Bose's mystery ??? Read It .

Concept : 
This is probably independent India's first unsolved mystery till date. A simple question, did Netaji actually die in a plane crash, in 1945?
The amount of research that probably went in answering that question through this book is remarkable. Anuj Dhar makes an honest, no-nonsense effort, to build the facts, painstakingly and assiduously.For the last 15 years, Chandrachur Ghose and Anuj Dhar meticulously followed every conceivable lead on the mysterious disappearance of Subhas Chandra Bose before zeroing in on the catastrophic truth about the fate of the man who freed India. The conclusion reached in Conundrum that Gumnami baba was Netaji is clinching because it is backed by far stronger evidence—eyewitness, documentary and forensic—than what Govt of India has adduced in favour of the air crash theory of Netaji’s death. 
         A fabulously detailed work with intricate research materials, the authors have put forth the facts in front of us in a comprehensive and lucid manner, and it is up to us readers to make the final assumptions as to what really happened to one of the greatest characters of Indian history. Revealing true history of India since Independence. Biggest secret is no more a secret: Netaji & Gumnami baba were same. Conspiracy of INC to hide real contribution of Netaji in our Independence. Through showcasing hard facts, the authors have demolished the entire official propaganda about the Bose mystery. Some serious questions raised. Now it's time to force the government to reveal whatever evidence they are having an order a probe into the matter immediately.

Criticism :
An 856 pages long book, you pick up any page, any chapter, and you are instantly drawn in by the content, a truly engrossing read. The page quality is good and so is the font-size - makes for a stress-free read, easy on the eyes. Anuj Dhar, and his Mission Netaji colleague Chandrachur Ghose, are the most authoritative researchers on the Netaji mystery matter. The research quality is of very high quality, and so is the interpretation and interlinking of the data. The book is a result of almost 2 decades of dedicated hard work and research , citing of secret government documents, court case proceedings on the matter, analysis of commission reports and proceedings, all in addition to all the highly valuable items and books and letters retrieved from Gumnami Baba's personal belongings after his passing away in 1985.

My Ratings:
Overall - 5/5
Title - 5/5
Cover - 5/5
Language - 5/5
Concept - 5/5

Sunday, January 12, 2020


Swami Vivekananda on Media-Television

Who does no love the greatest Indian monk Swami Vivekananda?
There is no need to say about his life. The world is already aware of it. But, unfortunately electronic media especially the producer-director bond are not so much interested about him. That’s why there are not sufficient movie/web-series available for him. One of most common reason behind this scenario is Indian audience as they are not so much interested to spend time & money for him.

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