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Send WhatsApp message without saving number in your contact

Today WhatsApp became the most popular Social Messaging app . Not only that , some official work also done over WhatsApp . But the main problem is to send a message to someone we have to save the recipient number . Now I will share a trick by which you can send WhatsApp message to any unknown person without saving their number in your contact list .

Follow the step by step guide with screenshot :

Step 1 : Just open any chatbox [chatbox is the place where you type something for chatting] , It may be a person to person or may be a group chatbox [It works in any place] even may be your mobile Message box . More clearly you can do it in your Chrome/other browser also .

Step 2 : Now you have to type the below text

replace ‘number’ with your preferable number in International Format .

 E.g. - Suppose you want to send a message on the number 1234567890 & that number belongs to India then you have to type

If the recipient’s  country code is +1 then type

 Note : 
  • Write the country code without +, 00 or any other prefix .
  • Don’t use any bracket in ‘number’ field .

Step 3 : Now press the sent button to make the link workable . It looks like below picture .

Step 4 : Now click on that link , It will open whatsapp . If it ask , then select WhatsApp .

                Those who do this in their mobile browser , will get below screen , click on ‘MESSAGE’ option .

                      Now it’s  done . It will open a chat window like below .

                    If the number is not in WhatsApp , then the error will show like below .

Hoped this article will help you . Thanks for reading . Keep visiting for more tricks ………………………

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