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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Visit Rajnikant's Website Without Internet

Today i'm going to share  real funny tricks for our Visitor .Everybody Knows that Without internet connection website browsing is impossible . But you also knows that There is no Impossible Work in the Rajnikanth's (South-Indian Super Hero) dictionary (According to the Rajnikanth's Fan) .
                         So they made a kind of website which can be browse without Internet . Most funny fact is , if you connected with Internet you can't visit this website . When you visit it , you should turn of your internet connection .  So, browse this funny website now .  You can get some funny but serious info. about Rajnikanth's (South-Indian Super Hero) .

Link : -
Click Here

How to Visit ???
First wait 5sec & Click on the 'Skip Ad' button to proceed/visit the website . After open you will get a alert/ msg.  from the site that asking you to disconnect your internet connection . Now disconnect & Enjoy free browsing .

If u found any problem plz comment .

Remember : - Don't connect yourself with internet .
Note : - Feature is not work in some basic Phone . Try it now .
Thanks .

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