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Make a Calculator with your Notepad

Steps :

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy below code
  3. then save as Calculator.bat (you may choose another name but extension should be .bat)
Now It's done . Your calculator is ready .
Code [Just Copy & Paste,If you change the coding ,it may not work] :- 

@echo off
color 0A
title CALCULATOR V1.8 by Nilotpol
echo Calculator V1.8.0.1(Visit for more tools)
echo ———————————————–
echo * = MULTIPLY
echo + = ADD
echo – = SUBTRACT
echo 2 = SQUARED
echo / = DIVIDE
echo After an equation,type CLEAR to clear the screen of your equations, type KEEP to leave them there, or type EXIT to leave.
set /p UDefine=
set /a UDefine=%UDefine%
echo =
echo %UDefine%
set /p clearexitkeep=
if %clearexitkeep%==CLEAR goto loop
if %clearexitkeep%==KEEP echo. && goto noclear
if %clearexitkeep%==EXIT (exit)
echo ———————————————–
echo You misspelled your command. Please try again (make sure you are typing in all caps LIKE THIS).
echo Commands:
echo CLEAR Clear all previous equations and continue calculating.
echo KEEP Keep all previous equations and continue calculating.
echo EXIT Leave your calculating session
echo Enter in a command now.
set /p clearexitkeep=
if %clearexitkeep%==CLEAR goto loop
if %clearexitkeep%==EXIT (exit)
if %clearexitkeep%==KEEP goto noclear
goto misspell

Visit regularly to gets more tricks . 

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