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Download & Install Android 4.4 Kitkat on your PC

Yes ,you can now run Android os on your Pc 
Just follow the below instruction . 
  1. Download the kitkat.iso from below link
  2. Burn it in a CD/you may use your pen-drive/Memory card also .
  3. Now restart your pc & start installing . You may use it as a 'Live CD' . 
  4. To  use it as a 'Live CD'  choose first option Live CD – Run Android x86.................
  5. To Install it Choose 4th option  Installation – Install Android x86................. & finish installation .
After Successful  Installation you will get this screen as your Home Screen .

Let's cheek the app Menu . Your app Menu will be like below .

Download Zone

or Here (Size :- 345 MB)
To Burn .iso you need a Iso Burning tools.
The Best Iso burning tools > Power Iso .

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Piyush Banerjee said...

Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Official .Iso for Windows Fron Here (Direct) .... means?

Nilotpol Bedi said...

Oh!! that was a silly mistake . Now it is corrected . Thanks for being with us . Happy New Year .