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Sunday, August 3, 2014

How to Install Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite allows the transfer of data between a Nokia device and a Microsoft Windows PC. You can put music on your phone, sync contacts with your computer or download apps from the Ovi Store, among other things.

This article will show you how to download and install Nokia Ovi Suite so you can begin using it.

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  1. Install Nokia Ovi Suite Step 1.jpg
    Check that your computer and Nokia device are compatible. Your computer must have at least 2GB of free disk space and must be running Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. To check if your phone is one of the 150 compatible devices, seehere.
  2. Install Nokia Ovi Suite Step 2.jpg
    Create a Nokia account. Follow this link to register. Registering is easy; simply enter your e-mail address, desired username and password and pass a quick security check. You may also choose to receive tips and offers from Nokia through e-mail.
  3. Install Nokia Ovi Suite Step 3.jpg
    Download Nokia Ovi Suite. To get started, go to this link ans press Nokia Suite.
  4. Install Nokia Ovi Suite Step 4.jpg
    Press the Save button that appears. When the download is completed run Nokia Suite installer.
  5. Install Nokia Ovi Suite Step 5.jpg
    Accept any notifications/warnings related to the installation.
  6. Install Nokia Ovi Suite Step 6.jpg
    Open Nokia Suite, connect your phone using a USB cable or Bluetooth and login with your account.

  • You can also install Nokia Ovi Suite from an installation DVD. Not all compatible devices ship with a DVD, however. Insert the DVD into your computer and follow the on-screen presentation to install the Suite directly. You will need an Internet connection to register.
  • If you chose to Save the installation file, all you need to install it later is open the file and clickRun

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