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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Install Linux Software on windows

Many People wanted to use Linux Software on Windows because -
1. All Software(Games,Apps e.t.c.) in Linux are Free .
2. There are no chance of virus attack by using any Third Party Software .

We all know how to use Windows Software In Linux .But we can't use linux apps on Windows.

Today i'm going to share a app which will help you to use Linux Software on Windows Platform.

andLinux logo

Download Links

To download the full version of this Software Click Here [537 MB]

To download the minimal version of the Software [200 MB]Click Here

How to install

1. Run the file .
2. Marks on the option as it mention on Screenshot .Click Next.

Startup Options - Minimalistic / XFCE Version

২. Windows File Access Window will come.
Options To Access Your Files On Windows

you may share it also.
Configuring Samba

After completing the installation window will give a Error Massage  like "The WinTap Driver Isn't Microsoft Certified".Don't afraid.Choose  Continue Anyway .Now works is over.

andLinux screen
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