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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Resize Your Image into 40-50KB without changing the resolution/quality

Now a days we need to fill up on-line form for many cases. Specially we need a passport size photo to complete it. 
But a common direction for it - “Picture Size Not More Than 40KB” .
For those cases we need to contact a Photoshop Expert.
But you can do it easily in your own hand by following below steps & also keep the Quality & Dimension (1.5inch X 2 Inch For Passport ).

At first  click on below the link-
After that Click on the button “Click to upload or drop your images here”( See the red mark area on the given picture)
Now click on the  "Download This File" .After that A new window will open With Compressed Photo .Now you can Save it.
I Compressed my picture my picture From 768KB to 35KB.Now it's your turn.
One more fact is it need internet connection like on line form Fill up.

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