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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chander Pahar -Download(HD & Mobile Format)& Know Everything(Budget,Plot,Awards,Cast etc)

 Chander Pahar (2013)-HD DVD Rip
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"Many directors wanted to make this film earlier. But they simply could not make it due to lack of budget. This is the reason why I want to thank Shrikantda (Producer Shrikant Mohta) for financing this film. The film is made on a whooping fifteen crore budget. The cost is a big factor for the making of this film. There is a lion in the film which was acquired for six lakh rupees per day. Hence without a good budget, making Chander Pahar was impossible."[13]
Dev, in an interview speaking about the budgeting ofChander Pahar.
The budget of Chander Pahar was the highest in Bengali Cinema till its release in 2013. The film is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and is shot at locations in Africa. The film is reportedly being made with a budget of nearly INR150 million(US$2.5 million) - thus making it one of the most expensive movies ever made in Bengali film industry. The film will reportedly incorporate Computer-generated imagery or CGI and visual effects at par with Hollywood and Bollywood standards. For Shree Venkatesh FilmsChander Pahar marks the latest in a series of adventure films. According to the Times of India, it will be a high budget film and have computer graphics that no one has seen before in a Bengali film.[9] It was also reported that the production costs of the film suddenly went up by INR10 million (US$170,000) more than that was estimated, during the second schedule of filming.[22]
  • Chander Pahar is a 2013 Bengali film directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and produced by Mahendra Soni and Shrikant Mohta under the banner of their production house Shree Venkatesh Films. Wikipedia
  • Initial releaseDecember 20, 2013
  • LanguagesHindi, Bengali, English
  • Awards and nominations

    Award NameResult
    Filmfare Awards East for Best Film – BengaliWon
    Filmfare Awards East for People's Choice Best Actor – Global - (Dev) for Mountains of the moonWon
    Filmfare Awards East for Best Director – Bengali - Kamaleshwar MukherjeeNominated
    Filmfare Awards East for Best Actor Male – Bengali - (Dev)Nominated
    Tollywood National Award for Best filmWon
    Tollywood National Award for Best film in criticsWon
    Tollywood National Award for Best Actor (Male) (Dev)Won
    Star Jalsha Entertainment Award for Best Film of the yearWon
    Star Jalsha Entertainment Award for Best Actor (Dev)Won
    Zee Bangla Gourab Somman Award for Biggest Superhit film of the yearWon
    Zee Bangla Gourab Somman Award for Best Actor (Male) (Dev)Won
    Zee Bangla Gourab Somman Award for Best Director Kamaleshwar MukherjeeWon
    Kalakar Awards for Best Actor (Dev)Won
    Kalakar Awards for Best FilmWon
    Kalakar Awards for Best Director (Kamaleshwar Mukherjee)Won
  • Dev (Shankar Roy)
    Shankar Roy
    Gerard Rudolf (Diego Alvarez)
    Gerard Rudolf
    Diego Alvarez
    Laboni Sarkar (Shankar's Mother)
    Laboni Sarkar
    Shankar's Mother

  • Box office

    Chander Pahar Releases on 20 December 2013 along with the challenge of Bollywood film Dhoom 3.[25] As it is a festival time release,Chander Pahar beat Dhoom 3 in Kolkata.The first day collection of Chander Pahar in Kolkata is about INR90 lakh (US$150,000) by breaking the previous highest records of Kolkatafilms.[26]


    Chander Pahar is the story of a young Bengali man's adventures in Africa in the years 1909-1910. Shankar Roy Chowdhury, the protagonist, is a 20-year-old man, recently completed his FA (First Arts)(graduation) and about to take up a job in a jute mill, a prospect he absolutely loathes.
    He yearns for adventure, wild lands, forests and animals. He wants to follow the footsteps of famous explorers like LivingstoneMungo Park,Marco Polo, all of whom he has read about and idolizes. By a stroke of luck, he secures a job as a clerk in Uganda Railway through a fellow villager already working there and goes to Africa without a second thought. He takes up a job as station master in desolate station. One Fine Evening Shankar gets chased by a Man-eating Lion and luckily he reaches his cabin and locks the door. The next day he asks the head station master to provide him with a Springfield Bolt Action Gun and some carbolic acid as a day before he encounters another hazard in Africa: the poisonous black mamba. He miffs the black mamba with his torchlight. Next day he gets these things via another fellow Indian Tirumal Appa who is serving the British army. They quickly strike a rapport and Tirumal visits him often and gives him company till one day a mishappening happens, Tirumal himself becomes victim of same Man eater Lion. This rages Shankar and he decides to end this peril, he uses himself as a bait by pouring blood on himself and scatters meat chunks in way tempting the lion out of his cave and eventually shots him down. He also rescues and looks after the middle-aged Portuguese explorer and gold prospector, Diego Alvarez. The encounter with Alavarez influences him deeply. Alavarez tells him of his earlier exploits and adventures, how he and his companion Jim Carter had braved deep jungles and mountains ofRichtersveld to find the largest diamond mine. However, they were thwarted by the legendary Bunyip, a mythical monster which guards the mines which killed Carter.
    Shankar gives up his job and accompanies Alvarez as he decides to venture out once more and find the mines again. They meet with innumerable hardships,The First one a ragingvolcanowhich explodes and forces them to halt their expedition and then one night they were attacked by the monster Bunyip . Eventually they get lost in the forests where Alvarez is killed by the monster, in an effort to save Shankar's life. Desolated Shankar Mourns the death of Alvarez deeply and buries him with all rites and set sail for his expedition towards the mountain of moon.
    Shankar sets out to reach civilization. He finds the diamond mines by accident. He enters the cave but eventually gets lost. With great difficulty, he gets out, marking his way with "pebbles" and taking some back with him as memento, not knowing each is a piece of uncut diamond. He finds the remains of the Italian explorer, Attilio Gatti, and learns that the cave he found earlier really was the diamond mine. Gatti, as Shankar learns from a note by him, had uncut diamonds in his boots. The note said that whoever reads the note can take the diamonds as long as he buries his skeleton, with Christian rites. Shankar does so, and keeps the old diamonds.Accidentally while crossing the jungle he comes in contact with the bunyip's cave Filled with revenge he devises a plan to get rid of bunyip. Shankar collects wood from Jungle and sharpen their tip as sharp as spear and in a process he fences the entrance with sharpened wood and wait for the bunyip. The Bunyip eventually turns up and seeing its prey jumps at it from height, Shankar eventually moves out and the bunyip gets peirced within the sharpened wood & dies. Shankar tries to move out by following the compass,He becomes lost in the deserts of Kalahari and nearly dies of thirst. Fortunately he is rescued by a survey team, and taken to a hospital in SalisburyRhodesia, When he recovers he sells 4 of his diamonds and gets lots of money and One diamond he sends to his Parents with a note to sell it and help the villagers with its money.Next he sells his sole diamond and buys a steamer boat to continue his exploration.He ends the book saying that he will return to that cave one day with a large team, and continue the legacy of Alvarez, Carter and Gatti.

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